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“PILATES PRINCESS” embroidered sweatshirt hot pink color

“PILATES PRINCESS” embroidered sweatshirt hot pink color

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Hot pink sweatshirt with lavender embroidery

Our Newest Embroidered "PILATES PRINCESS" Sweatshirt

-Made from a comfortable cotton/polyester blend, our crewneck sweatshirt features a simple and minimalistic embroidery design. It's the perfect addition to any outfit, adding a touch of positivity and style.

-Each sweatshirt is handmade on an embroidery machine, resulting in slight differences between each piece. However, rest assured that we only sell sweatshirts that meet our high-quality standards.

-To maintain the quality of your sweatshirt and the embroidery design, we recommend washing it with care. Turn the item inside out and use a cold wash with a delicate cycle. For best results, air drying is highly recommended.

-If you have any questions, Customization requests, or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to meet your needs and wants, ensuring your satisfaction.

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